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Reminder of the Federal Refund Delay for Upcoming 2018 Filing Season

This is a reminder that refunds will not be released again this coming filing season until February 15 for federal returns that claim Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) or the Additional Child Tax credit.

The IRS will begin to release the refunds on these returns starting February 15. However the IRS is cautioning everyone that these refunds most likely will not begin to be deposited until February 27, 2018. This is due to several factors, including banking and financial systems requiring time to process the deposits.

Therefore any return claiming one of these credits that is prepared in January or early February will not be deposited in the normal IRS refund timeframe.

See the IRS news release of November 7 - Get Ready for Taxes: Plan Ahead for 2018 Filing Season to Avoid Refund Delays for more information.