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2018 Due Dates for Individual Income Tax Filers

01-16-2018- Farmers/ Fisherman (2/3rd rule): only one est. payment due

01-31-2018- File IND return, pay tax due, no 4th installment payment due

03-01-2018- Farmers/ Fisherman (2/3rd rule): file return/pay by March 1, no est. tax due

04-17-2018- IT-40; IT-40PNR; IT-40RNR; IT-40ES; ES-40 (1st est. installment period); IT-9

06-15-2018- IT-40ES; ES-40 (2nd est. installment perios)

07-02-2018- SC-40; IT-40/IT-40PNR filing due date if claiming unified tax credit for the elderly (not including extensions)

09-17-2018- IT-40ES; ES-40 (3rd est. installment period)

11-14-2018- State filing due date if filing under extension (federal Form 4868 and/or IT-9)